What our patients say

Chiropractic Success Stories

"I was considering invasive laser surgery on my back. A friend insisted that I consult with Dr. Shapiro first. After one adjustment I was amazed at the difference I felt! I slept through the night and had immediate results. After completing my care plan, my pain went from a 9 to almost none." -Scott M.

"I had severe neck and shoulder pain and could only work part time. I couldn't do any of the things I enjoyed like spending time with family and going out. After treatment with Dr. Shapiro, I have more enerfy and the pain and tightness is greatly improved! I was able to go to dinner and a movie for Valentine's Day!" -Trish F.

"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and suffered from numbness in my hands, feet, joints, arms and legs. There wasn't much on my body that didn't hurt. Now I can work, exercise and have much more energy. I take 85% less medications and actually have my life back!" -Olivia E.

"I had pain in my left hip and knee and couldn't walk well after sitting. I also suffered from headaches. My pain kept me from working out and affected my sleeping. I have seen tremendous change! I can sleep through the night without pain and am much more active. Dr. Shapiro has changed my perspective on chiropractic care! -Kristen M.

Nutrition Success Stories

"I have allergies and Meniere’s and was experiencing severe vertigo. None of the medication seemed to help. Dr. Shapiro suggested that I take a Nutritional Response Test to see if there were supplements that might help. I had immediate results and within two weeks my symptoms were under control. I feel better overall, both physically and mentally." - Sherri C.

"I had gas and heartburn most days and had to watch what I ate. Since starting the nutrition program at Integrity Chirporactic, I haven’t had any heartburn and I sleep through the night." - Leo H.

"It has been an amzaing journey following Dr. Shapiro's advice on how to eat heathly and take the supplements my body needs. I have lost 16 pounds and my energy has greatly increased... I'm going to the gym 3 times a week! I feel great! It has been a big commitment but the rewards have changed my life." -Gail H.

"I was under a lot of stress at work, so after my wife experienced dramatic relief, I decided to try the Nutritional Response Test to see if I might benefit from supplements. Although my results were not as dramatic as my wife's, I did begin to feel better day-by-day. After 5 months, I have noticed a big difference in my overall well-being." -Terri C.


Kids Success Stories

"My allergies are better!" -Umi K.

"At 12 years old, I stopped wetting the bed after three months of treatment. This has changed my life!" -Ryan B.

"My son suffered from severe seizures and the prescribed medication made him lethargic. After seeing Dr. Shapiro, the seizures stopped and my son has a full life!" -Debbie W.